Editor's note

Vivienne Bath

I am pleased to welcome readers to the Fourth Edition for 2013 of China Express. The aim of the China Express is to highlight the diverse range of research in China Studies and research collaborations with Chinese institutions conducted by academics of the University. The China Express also aims to provide an introduction to some of the many initiatives of the University in relation to China.

In this edition, we look at the research of members of two out of the 15 academic groups of the China Studies Centre – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health. Articles have been provided by Dr Mu Li, Dr Ying Zhang, PhD candidate Jonathan Penm, Dr Josiah Poon, Professor Kelvin Chan & Dr Valentina Naumovski, Dr George Li.

We hope that you enjoy the first edition of China Express for 2013 from the China Studies Centre. We hope to see you again soon in our upcoming events.

We are also pleased to present, as the opinion piece in this edition of China Express, an article from the Executive Director of the China Studies Centre, Professor Kerry Brown.

Vivienne Bath, Editor
Professor of Chinese and International Business Law; Chair, China Studies Centre Research Committee