Director's welcome

Kerry Brown

Professor Kerry Brown, Director, China Studies Centre

China’s impact can be seen almost everywhere in the 21st century: in the environment, economy, geopolitics, and the structures of global governance. Since the start of the major reforms in 1978, China has risen to become the world’s second-largest economy, the largest exporter, second-largest importer, and the holder of the world’s largest foreign reserves.

China is now a country of big statistics, and making sense of this is a tough task. In a short space of time, experts, policymakers, business people and others have had to factor China into their plans and calculations, sometimes with contradictory or incomplete data, in ways they never had to before.

The one thing nobody can do now is simply ignore China. What we need is the best possible information and the most realistic and flexible framework in order to engage with China in meaningful ways and fully appreciate its influence.

In this exciting time, the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney can play a very significant role, working within the context of a world-class university that has deep, wide and rich links across greater China.

It is a great privilege to be linked to one of the key stories of our time – the emergence of a new, dynamic and complex global player. We look forward to working with our partners in the months and years ahead.

Professor Kerry Brown
Director, China Studies Centre