Academic Strategy, 2011-2015

The China Studies Centre is a significant strategic endeavour of the University of Sydney to harness its existing expertise in a wide range of disciplines across the University to provide a greater understanding of China and its impact on local, regional and global affairs.

The China Studies Centre’s primary intellectual goal is to foster the study of China from multiple scholarly perspectives in order to expand and deepen our knowledge of China’s rapidly changing economy, society, culture and history in its many diverse and complex manifestations.

The China Studies Centre encourages, organizes and publishes research in China Studies; develops and delivers cross-disciplinary programs of postgraduate research and education in China Studies; facilitates community engagement with the Centre’s scholarly activities and acts as an informed voice in Australia-China relations.

The University of Sydney has the longest history of academic endeavour in China Studies, and the largest number of academics undertaking China related research, of any university in Australia. The Centre will utilize these resources fully in pursuing its objectives of promoting and delivering cross-disciplinary research and teaching.

Aims and objectives

  • The development of an international centre of excellence for research on China;
  • The delivery of high quality programs of teaching and learning, especially those building cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of China;
  • Support to the academic activities of its students and staff in China;
  • The development of networks in Australia and China for deeper and broader engagement with government, business and society, and;
  • Encouraging informed discussion and outreach to Australian and Chinese societies, that help each know the other better and to prosper together.

Download the full China Studies Centre Academic Strategy, 2011-2015 (PDF, 213KB).