The China Studies Centre Annual Report

The China Studies Centre publishs an annual report each year to showcase our engagement with all aspects of China.

The China Studies Centre 2012 Annual Report

The University of Sydney China Studies Centre started operations in January 2011. Our principal goal
is to provide the University of Sydney with coordination and direction to the study of China and interaction with it. The Annual Report for the Centre in 2012 shows the scope of our activities, across disciplines and faculties in the University. It shows the depth of the expertise that we have, and the richness of our work and our engagement with all aspects of China.

This report in particular details the academic activities of the Centre, through support for funded research activities, support for postdoctoral fellows, and through a series of events which range from presentations on civil society in China to village governances, city planning and humour in Chinese literature. Throughout 2012, the centre hosted experts from the United States, Germany, China, the UK, Singapore, Canada and Lithuania, amongst other places. It organised a highly successful series of book launches in Beijing and Canberra of Australia and China at 40, edited by members of the Centre Jamie Reilly and Jingdong Yuan. Additionally, with the support of William Chiu we were also able to conduct an essay competition undertaken in the latter part of the year on Australia China Diplomatic Relations.

To download the China Studies Centre 2012 Annual Report as a PDF file, please click here.