Doctor of Philosophy in China Studies

Three years full-time

The China Studies Centre (CSC) offers a three-year interdisciplinary program of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in China Studies.

This program gives students opportunities to develop expertise in both China Studies and a discipline or other field of studies. The Centre provides academic supervision, as well as an additional intellectual identity and support. Students in this program can apply for CSC scholarships and have access to CSC resources and activities.

Candidates for the degree of PhD in China Studies must demonstrate good language skills in both Chinese and English, and may be required to enrol in units of language acquisition and research methodology.

Graduating students will receive a transcript that will identify them as China Studies graduates, as well as graduates in the discipline.

Find a supervisor

Candidates can choose to specialise in one of the following areas:


Boris Choy (Dr) , Sid Gary (Professor) , Hans Hendrischke (Professor) , Gary Oliver (Dr) , Juan Yao (Dr) , Gracy (J.Y.) Yang (Dr)


Alison Betts (Professor) , David Brophy (Dr) , Helen Dunstan (Professor) , David Goodman (Professor) , Esther Klein (Dr) , Andres Rodriguez (Dr)


Vivienne Bath (Professor) , Bing Ling (Professor)

Literature and Culture

David Goodman (Professor) , Larissa N. Heinrich (Dr) (UCSD) , Bonnie McDougall (Professor) , Jeffrey Riegel (Professor) ,
Xiaohuan Zhao (Dr)


Anna Boucher (Dr), Minglu Chen (Dr), Beatriz Carrillo Garcia (Dr), David Goodman (Professor), Joyce Nip (Dr), Anthony Welch (Professor), Terry Woronov (Dr)


Anna Boucher (Dr), Minglu Chen (Dr), Beatriz Carrillo Garcia (Dr), David Goodman (Professor), Ryan Griffiths (Dr), Adrian Hearn (Dr), Joyce Nip (Dr), Anthony Welch (Professor), Jingdong Yuan (Associate Professor)

Public Health

Boris Choy (Dr), George Li (Dr), Mu Li (Associate Professor), Beatriz Carrillo Garcia (Dr), Camille Raynes-Greenow (Dr), Kevin Yin


Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Social Policy
Address: Room 313, Old Teachers College (A22) | NSW 2006 | Australia