2012 Funded Research Projects - Project Descriptions

China and Eurasia in Antiquity: Excavation and Survey at Adunqiaolu Site, Wenquan County, Xinjiang (continued)

Associate Professor Betts, Alison V G: Department of Archaeology; School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry

Project Outline

In 2011, the University of Sydney Xinjiang Archaeological Research Team was offered a unique opportunity to undertake collaborative field research with a team from the Archaeological Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) at Adunqiaolu, a Bronze Age site in Wenquan Country, Xinjiang at the far western border of China. This is an area that in prehistory was a critical location for cultural transmission from, and exchange with, Eurasia. Having achieved significant results from the first excavation in 2011, CASS has provided new funding for further survey and excavation in 2012. With continued funding support from the China Studies Centre, University of Sydney researchers Dr Peter Jia and Associate Professor Alison Betts will return to continue this important collaborative project and to further strengthen links between the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the University of Sydney.

$22 025

Female Entrepreneurs, Business Performance, and the Party-State in China

Dr Chen, Minglu: China Studies Centre; Department of Government and International Relations
A/Prof Goldsmith, Ben:Department of Government and International Relations

Project Outline
This project will entail analysis of a rich dataset of 171 semi-structured in-depth interviews with female entrepreneurs in China, conducted by Dr. Chen, in the years 2003-2005, of Shanxi, Hainan and Sichuan. Project leaders, Minglu Chen and Ben Goldsmith, will adopt a quantitative approach to examining the data by coding a series of variables. Thus, this project combines in-depth country and issue knowledge with high quality data and quantitative analysis. Based on the preliminary findings, this project will further explore the issue, with the aim to find whether there is evidence of a direct relationship between these women’s business success and their formal or informal “political capital” and if so, which types of political capital are more effective in their pursuit of business success.

$18 512

Reaching remote communities: Developing primary healthcare outreach in Changyang, Hubei Province

Associate Professor Trevena, Lyndal: Associate-Dean (International), Public Health, School of Public Health; Researcher CeMPED; General Practitioner

Project Outline
This project is the first phase in the trial of a complex intervention, which aims to document important components of a primary healthcare model system to remote communities in Changyang, Hubei province from the perspective of key stakeholder groups – policymakers, health professionals and community members. The project also aims to adapt existing remote community primary healthcare models to integrate stakeholder discussion.

$36 800

Aesthetic Labour: Gender, Class and the Work of Beauty in Urban China

Dr Woronov, Terry: Department of Anthropology

Project Outline
This project looks at young, working class women in Shanghai who are employed in China’s rapidly-growing “beauty industry.” Using ethnographic and qualitative research methods, this study aims to understand changing forms of labour in China’s post-industrial cities, and gendered aspects of working-class culture in the current economy.

$15 600

Visiting Professorships: National University Singapore, Associate Professor Jane Lu and Professor Andrew Delios

Dr Dr Yang, Gracy: Discipline of International Business, Business School;
Vikas Kumar: Discipline of International Business, Business School

Project Outline
Jane Lu, will be involved in the following activities during her visit to the University of Sydney/China Studies Centre:
Research work in collaboration with Gracy Yang and Vikas Kumar at the Discipline of International Business on the following projects: “Caution and Causation: How earlier entrant failures influence new foreign entries in China” and “Speed of foreign expansions in China and firm performance”.

Andrew Delios, will be involved in the following activities during his visit to the University of Sydney/China Studies Centre:
Research work in collaboration with Gracy Yang and Vikas Kumar at the Discipline of International Business on the following projects: “Pre-entry learning from early entrant failures and the survival of new entrants: The case of Japanese FDIs in China” and “Salience and Confidence: Barriers to learn from others’ failures”.
Both visiting professors will participate in EMIRG (Discipline of International Business) activities and engage in discussions with junior faculty members and PhD students who wish to pursue research involving Chinese Businesses; and hold research seminars for members of the China Studies Centre.

$10 000

The Cultural and ‘Scientific’ Construction and of China in Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen 1855-1897

Dr Lu, Yixu: Deaprtment of Germanic Studies, School of Languages and Cultures, FASS

Project Outline
The project examines for the first time the whole corpus of articles on China in the renowned periodical Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen from 1855 to 1900. During the years in question, the periodical flourished by a judicious combination of ‘scientific’ accuracy with ethnographical material of interest to the educated middle-class reader, and as such its contributions offer a powerful insight into how the image of China was constructed and developed in a cultural/political climate that paved the way for the first German acquisition of Chinese territory in 1897. The project will illuminate the processes of generating and transmitting ‘cultural’ and ‘scientific’ knowledge of China in this specific context. The analysis is aimed at revealing the semantic system of German colonialist discourse, marked by certain dominant metaphors and tropes, in material which aspires either to ‘scientific’ objectivity or the detachment of the professional observer. The project is founded on my numerous publications relating to the reception of the Boxer Uprising of 1900 in the contemporary German media and in popular fiction.

$9 800