Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

The Centre has agreed a five year (2011-2015) cooperation agreement with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to hold an annual conference, in alternate years in Beijing and Sydney; to exchange staff; and to support research student exchanges.

2011 Conference

In October 2011, the first collaborative roundtable took place in Beijing. The roundtable gave academics an opportunity to exchange findings on enterprise and entrepreneurs in China and encourage joint research. The themes for discussion included the roles of social capital in enterprise development, entrepreneurs’ relationship to the state, and the nature of public-private hybrid enterprises.

Speakers from the University of Sydney:
· Professor David Goodman (Chair), Acting Director, China Studies Centre
· Professor Hans Hendrischke, Director, Confucius Institute
· Professor Anthony Welch, Education and Social Work
· Dr Minglu Chen, Government and International Relations

Speakers from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:
· Chen Guangjin and Yang Dian from CASS
· Professor Hu Jianguo from Industry University of Beijing
· Professor Li Chunling, Institute of Sociology, CASS

The joint activities with CASS and the China Studies Centre in 2012 will be announced in the near future, please refer to this page or the University Events Calendar for updates.