Annual Conference

2012 China Studies Centre Annual Conference

6 to 7 December 2012

The first China Studies Centre Annual Conference hosted at the University of Sydney took place in December 2012.

The parallel sessions of lectures showcased the current China-related research activities of 13 CSC academic groups, including a special panel on China-India Engagement.

Over the two days, the diversity of panel presentations from over 40 members of the China Studies Centre highlighted the breadth and depth of China expertise at the University of Sydney.

Shen Jiawei: Brothers and Sisters

Shen Jiawei exhibition

The exhibition Shen Jiawei: Brothers and Sisters was launched as part of the special events of the 2012 CSC Annual Conference.

Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO, Governor of New South Wales and former Chancellor of the University of Sydney launched the exhibition. The event was well-attended, with more than 150 people coming to view the exhibition.

Keynote lectures

Two well-received keynote lectures took place on December 6:

Michael Bristow

The Joys and difficulties of being a foreign correspondent in China, presented by Michael Bristow, former BBC Beijing Correspondent

Rosemary Foot

The disruption of China’s resurgence: Reflections from an International Relations Perspective, presented by Professor Rosemary Foot from Oxford University.

Both lectures were presented in conjunction with Sydney Ideas and are available for podcast download on the Sydney Ideas website


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Program as of 22 November 2012: please note this program may be subject to change prior to the commencement of the conference

5 December

Art Exhibition


17:00 – 19:00

Shen Jiawei: Brothers and Sisters

Seymour Centre Foyer

6 December




09:00 – 09:30



Official welcome to the 2012 CSC Annual Conference

The Quadrangle



Parallel sessions


Cultural Policy and Heritage

Professor John Clark, Asian Art History: Strategies of Negotiating the Space of Contemporary Art in China with focus on Video Art

Dr Thomas Berghuis, Repositioning Unofficial/Official Art in China: Contemporary Chinese Art and the Role of the Art System Discussion session, moderated by Associate Professor Jennifer Barrett, Museum Studies

The Quadrangle S422

Enterprise Development

Professor Andrew Terry: From Mao to Maccas: China’s Franchising Revolution

Dr William Harvey: Building corporate reputation in China. The case of a global management consultancy firm

Professor Hans Hendrischke: Institutional Entrepreneurship and women empowerment

Dr Wei Li: Beyond Bank and Non-bank: An Alternative View of China’s Small and Medium Enterprises Finance Structure

The Quadrangle


12:30 – 13:45

Former BBC Beijing Correspondent

Title: The joys and difficulties of being a foreign correspondent in China

Law School Foyer

14:45 – 16:45

Parallel sessions


Social and Political Change

Hon. Associate Professor Christine Inglis: Australia-China Linked through migration

Dr ChunFen Shao: The Changing Chinese Community in Japan

Dr Graeme Smith: Evolving Chinese Business Practices in PNG

The Quadrangle


Archeology and Ancient History

Professor Jeffrey Riegel: Origins of the Qin Empire

Dr Peter Jia: recent CSC funded fieldwork

Associate Professor Alison Betts: Aspects of East-West relations

Dr Li Baoping: Ancient Chinese ceramics in Angkor of Cambodia: insights into trade and diplomacy from unearthed Chinawares

The Quadrangle


Chinese Literature and Culture

Dr Duanfang Lu: The Politics of Land and Resettlement in China: Governance, Capital and Nature

Dr Lily Lee: Victims and Heroines: Chinese Women around the Fall of the Ming Dynasty

The Quadrangle


18:00 – 19:15

Oxford University

Title:The Disruption of China's resurgence: Reflections from an IR Perspective

General Lecture Theatre, The Quadrangle

7 December





Special Panel Event:



Associate Professor Dilip Dutta: A review of issues related to protection of traditional knowledge (University of Sydney)

Professor Xue Dayuan: Category, documentation and database for traditional knowledge in China–Their implication for intellectual property rights, (College of Life and Environmental Science, Minzu University of China, Beijing, China)

Nirmal Sengupta: Intellectual property rights on traditional knowledge– State of affairs in India, (Formerly Professor at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, India)

The Quadrangle


Language, Discourse and Communication

Dr Derek Herforth: Mis-retranslation and the teaching of Classical Chinese to Europhone learners

Dr Wei Wang: Coffee and 18 years of endeavour: Identities and stances of white-collar migrants in China 

Dr Linda Tsung:  Multilingual education policy and school practice in Xinjiang

Irene Shidong An (PhD Candidate): University Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of Effective Online Language Learning in Blended Learning Environments

The Quadrangle


13:00 – 15:00

Parallel sessions


Business and Law


 Professor Bing Ling: Legal dilemma in the treatment of the private loans in China

Dr Gracie Yang: Strategy and management of Chinese firms, managers and entrepreneurs

Dr Michael Paton: The logic of short term advantage and the ethics of chance

Dr Juan Yao (with Chuanchan Ma and William Peng He): The Investor Herding Behaviour of the Chinese Stock Market

Professor Hans Hendrischke and Dr Wei Li: Chinese Outward Direct Investment (ODI) in Australia

The Quadrangle


Information Systems and Technology


Dr Barney Tan: eCommerce in China: Implications for the eBusiness Strategies of Australian Firms





 Public Health

 Dr Kevin Yin: Health policy making in China: what we can learn and apply from Australia

Dr Rebekah Moles: The changing roles of hospital pharmacists as the result of the Chinese health reform

Professor Richard Madden (University of Sydney) and Qin Jiang (CNHDRC): Building robust information systems for China's health finance reform.

 The Quadrangle


15:15 – 17:15

Parallel Sessions


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Professor Kelvin Chan, introduction: Current Status of TCM

Dr Clement Loy, Dr Josiah Poon and Dr Simon Poon: Bioinformatics and generating clinical evidence for TCM

Professor David Hibbs, Dr Fanfan Zhou and Associate Professor Jane Hanrahan: Pharmacology & Pharmacogenomics aspects

Kelvin Chan, George Li and Valentina Naumovski: Quality control & toxicology issues

The Quadrangle


International Relations

Professor Michael Wesley: China: A Different Kind of Great Power?

Professor Jocelyn Chey: Laughing matters: political humour and public diplomacy in China’s rise

Professor Kerry Brown: A comparative look at Chinese FDI among resource exporting nations

Dr Adrian H. Hearn: What can Australia and Latin America learn from each other in relation to China?

Dr Bates Gill (Commentator)

The Quadrangle


Environmental Studies

Robert Park: Wheat production and biotic threats – Who will feed China?

Ian S F Jones: Ocean Nourishment for climate management and Chinese food security

The Quadrangle