Funded Research Program Guidelines

1. All sections of the application form must be completed as requested on the application form.

2. Dean, HOD/HOS and academic group approval are required at time of submission. The CSC Research Committee will reject applications on the basis of no signature approvals at time of submission.

3. Late submissions for both applications and approvals will not be accepted without prior written approval from the Chair of the Committee responsible for the approving committee, in advance of the application deadline.

4. Project leaders must be academic staff members employed at the University of Sydney at the time of the application and for the period of funding requested. This includes staff on casual academic employment contracts with the University who are also members of the CSC for the time of their contract.

5. Funding is primarily to support travel, accommodation and anything directly related to facilitating the research activities effectively. Items such as: per diems, stationary, meeting refreshments, promotional costs, general equipment, entertainment costs, are not considered priorities for funding research.

6. Budgets must include evidence of estimates for large expenses, such as flights, accommodation. Where possible, quotes found on the internet should be included in the budget information.

7. If the amount awarded is a reduced amount of the requested amount, recipients of the funding must inform the Chair of the CSC Research Committee if the research proposed is adjusted. A revised amount may be awarded in the case that project activities have been revised and in some cases may be required to pass committee review a second time.

8. Funds used for activities other than those listed in the application form may lead to a request for funding to be returned to the China Studies Centre, in the case that the activities differ notably from the initially proposed activities. It is the applicant’s responsibility to report any changes to the project’s content or their funding situation to the CSC Research Officer.

9. At the conclusion of each project, applicants must complete a report with explanation for how funds have been used and what activities have been completed and what results achieved. Receipts are required for expenditures. This reporting will assist the committee’s assessment of future applications to the program.

10. Funding is available to recipients only during the year for which funding has been approved (for example: funding round January – December 2013, will be available in January 2012, not before; and must be used by December 2012, not later). Information for obtaining the funds will be provided in the Letter of Offer which applicants are required to follow.

11. Applicants can only apply for activities to be taken within a calendar year’s period at a time. Applicants who have projects that will take place over multiple calendar years will be required to submit separate applications for the funding rounds (for example: applicants who have activities for their project in October 2012 and March 2013, will have to submit two applications: Jan-Dec 2012 and Jan-Dec 2013).

12. Applicants may apply for multiple projects.

13. Recipients of the program’s funding agree to acknowledge the China Studies Centre’s involvement and support of the research project where appropriate.