Quanzhou dragon

The CSC aims to support China-related research across the University that meets the high academic standards of the University and that is at the same time aligned with the research priorities of the University’s DVC-Research as well as the Faculties and other Centres. The CSC also aims to “embed” a China perspective in the research programs across the University. The CSC works to accomplish these goals by consulting closely with the DVC-Research, the Deans of the Faculties, and with others who are responsible for identifying the research strengths and priorities of the University and its various parts. The Centre also plans to work with the DVC-Research to organise at various sites in China and Southeast Asia a series of conferences that showcase the strengths of our researchers and their collaborative work with partner universities in Asia.

The first steps the Centre is taking to reach these objectives is through the launch of the China Studies Centre Research Grants Scheme. Additionally, the CSC will also be administering the Centre in China conference scheme which will support conferences to be held at the University’s new off-shore facility in Suzhou, China.


the University of Sydney Centre in China