Dr Adrian Hearn

Adrian Hearn

Member of Executive Committee, China Studies Centre
Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow

Dr Hearn’s research examines the geopolitical implications of China’s deepening diplomatic and economic relations with Latin America.

Adopting an ethnographic approach to international relations has allowed him to explore cultural convergences/divergences, economic development, and approaches to transparency and technology transfer from the ground up.

His focus most recently has been on the role of Chinatowns as political and economic bridges to mainland China. Dr Hearn maintains an active interest in issues of civil society, religion, and political rationalisation.

His recent publications include China Engages Latin America: Tracing the Trajectory (Lynne Rienner 2011) and Cuba: Religion, Social Capital, and Development (Duke University Press 2008).