Associate Professor Alison Betts

Associate Professor Alison Betts

Archaeology and Ancient History Academic Group, China Studies Centre
Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Recipient of 2011 support for research in the excavation and survey at Adunqiaolu Site, Wenquan County, Xinjiang, China

Associate Professor Alison Betts describes herself as an “old-world archaeologist” who is particularly interested in the steppes and deserts of the more remote parts of Asia, and the nomadic lifestyles of the people who have inhabited these regions.

Her research includes fieldwork in eastern Jordan looking at specialised hunters and the beginnings of sheep/goat pastoralism, study of the oasis population of ancient Chorasmia in Uzbekistan and its relationships to the steppe nomads, and the influence of early Zoroastrianism.

Another research focus area for her is the Bronze Age of Xinjiang, western China, specifically the impact of the Eurasian steppe’s influence on the rise of complex societies in central China.