Dr David Brophy

David Brophy

Lecturer of Modern Chinese History Dr David Brophy provides new insights into the social and political history of China and its inner Asian neighbours during the Qing and Republican periods.

My research sheds light on the relationship between the Chinese state and its ethnic minorities, and relations between China and the Soviet and Islamic worlds. My current book manuscript is on the politics of Uyghur nationalism between Xinjiang and the Soviet Union in the early 20th century. Most of my new research engages with the Manchu language archive on Qing China’s 18th century expansion.

The results of my research will inform my teaching, so therefore will influence my students, along with anyone else who is interested in my field of Chinese history. This is where my association with the China Studies Centre is particularly valuable. Being part of the centre connects me to a wide and active community of scholars working on China.

I have collaborated on projects with scholars from around the world, although only on relatively small projects up to this point. I'm still in the process of establishing strong collaborations at the University of Sydney, but I plan to work most closely with fellow members of the Department of History, as well as the school of Asian studies in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

I was drawn to the University of Sydney because it provides a diverse and stimulating working environment, with a strong history department and a growing interest in Asia. The China Studies Centre's program of events and conferences, as well as its research support, should greatly enhance the University's position as a centre of research on China.

The centre’s educational initiatives will also make a positive difference. By combining language training with seminars in key fields of Chinese studies, the Master of China Studies should provide a strong basis for students moving either into further study or professional pursuits. The cross-disciplinary focus is especially important. Students with a broad interest in China will benefit from being exposed to a variety of perspectives on the study of China.

Dr David Brophy is a Member of the China Studies Centre Education Committee, China Studies Centre and Lecturer of Modern Chinese History, Department of History, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the University of Sydney.