Professor Hans Hendrischke

Hans Hendrischke

Professor Hans Hendrischke is leading research that will help to shape Australia’s future economic relations with China, and the centre’s multidisciplinary approach is pivotal to its success.

I am working with a team of researchers who are based in the University of Sydney Business School under the school’s newly established Australia China Business Network. Our theme is Globalising Australia China Business. We engage in theory-oriented research in management science as well as applied research, which we mainly conduct with corporate partners.

Our theory-oriented research focuses on the transformation and globalisation of Chinese enterprises and business institutions. We analyse the entrepreneurial revolution that is going on in China and assess its ongoing and future impact on the global economy and global business by studying how Chinese enterprises emerge and respond to domestic and international changes in markets and institutions. This research is mainly done in China and with Chinese partner institutions.

Our applied research is directed at Australia-China business relations. As part of our research cooperation with global accounting firm KPMG, we have established an authoritative database on Chinese direct investment in Australia and are publishing regular thought leadership reports. The Premier of New South Wales, the Hon. Barry O’Farrell, has launched our major reports in Sydney and during official visits to China. Our findings have received wide coverage from national and international media.

To help inform high-level decision-making, we provide academic input to the annual Sydney China Business Forum, run in conjunction with the City of Sydney. Its resounding success has boosted the public profile of both the China Studies Centre and the University.

We actively participate in international research cooperation. All our research is collaborative and cross-disciplinary: within the Business School we cooperate with the other research networks and disciplines. Within the wider University, we cooperate with different faculties and academic groups of the China Studies Centre. In China, we collaborate with university partners in the Shanghai region and in Beijing. Our corporate partners include Chinese corporations from the state and private sector who support our research approach and are keen to expand their relations with Australia.

Our research links create synergies for teaching and research supervision. We began postgraduate teaching for the Business School in 2013 and are working with the Business School to expand undergraduate internship places and create new in-country opportunities for postgraduate students and project consultancies for MBA students. Our higher degree research students working towards their PhD degree all have field experience in China and include people with professional backgrounds and high-level corporate experience in Australia and China.

University-wide benefits

Within the wider University, the China Studies Centre contributes to a working environment that enables flexible cooperation and places its trust in the intrinsic motivation of academics to work across the borders of their academic disciplines. This cross-disciplinary approach opens new approaches to China in both research and teaching.

The centre’s education and areas studies capitalise on this approach and prepare students for international careers. The Master in China Studies – with its strong research component – gives students with a first degree a direct pathway to higher degree research for a PhD in areas of China studies. Students also gain a competitive edge internationally through extended periods of in-country study.

For PhD students the centre works as an informal knowledge exchange for its more than 130 members through networking opportunities that stimulate innovation in methods and outcomes. PhD students who negotiate their supervision among the University’s large number of academics with China expertise can enrich their doctoral research with approaches and insights that they had not anticipated.

Professor Hans Hendrischke is Chair of the China Studies Centre Executive Committee, the Academic Appointments Committee and the Science and Technology Committee. He is also a Member of the Education Committee, China Studies Centre; Convenor, Academic Group 'Enterprise Development', China Studies Centre and Professor of Chinese Business and Management, the University of Sydney Business School.