Professor Kerry brown

Professor Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown is Director of the China Studies Centre and Professor of Chinese Politics at the University of Sydney.

Professor Brown was previously head of the Asia programme at Chatham House, and a member of the British Diplomatic Service from 1998 to 2005 during which he was First Secretary in Beijing. From 2011 to 2014, he directed the Europe China Research and Advice Network, giving policy advice to the European Union. Educated at the universities of Cambridge, London and Leeds, Professor Brown has a PhD in the modern politics and history of China, and speaks fluent Mandarin.

Professor Brown is the author of 10 books on China, the most recent of which are `The New Emperors: Power and the Princelings in China’ (I B Tauris, New York and London 2014) and `What’s Wrong with Diplomacy’ (Penguin, 2015). He is Editor of the ‘Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography'. 'Xi Jinping: China's CEO' will be published in late 2015.

Creating new insights

At the China Studies Centre we are always trying to create new insights – to think of new frameworks, new ways of seeing the dynamism in China and how we can locate ourselves within this.
Given that China is the largest and fastest growing emerging market – in an increasing competitive environment – we need to be knowledgeable about what is happening there, and innovative about ways in which we view and engage with China. My interests look in particular at this.

Businesses are the infantry of our engagement with China. Our vast economic relationship has been built on the back of their work. Their perspectives are important, and supplying them with more insights, good analytic work and pragmatic advice is hugely challenging, but has very measurable outcomes – better trade! This area is critical to our competitive future. If we are unable to equip a new generation with the skills to engage with China both as a business partner, and a geopolitical partner, then we are failing.

Our master’s degrees will help us to equip future leaders with those critically important career skills – what the White Paper on the Asian Century calls an "Asian Savvy" set of skills and outlooks.

Working with the China Studies Centre also offers the benefit of being part of a community with a common purpose, and a shared vision of why what we know and understand and how we see China is important for our present, and future. I chose the University of Sydney because of its clear commitment to a comprehensive, innovative relationship with China in its diversity, and because of the breadth of expertise here.

The University of Sydney uses cross-disciplinary cooperation and collaboration to capitalise on its breadth and depth of expertise, an approach that is particularly important as we engage with diverse and complex partners in China.

Professor Kerry Brown is Executive Director, China Studies Centre, Member of Executive Committee, China Studies Centre, and Professor of Chinese Politics, Department of Government and International Relations, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the University of Sydney.