Dr Minglu Chen

Dr Minglu Chen

Dr Minglu Chen plays a pivotal role in the China Studies Centre’s academic program, but she has also benefited from the centre’s collaborative approach to research.

I’m involved in both teaching and research at the University of Sydney. My current research projects involve the change of boundaries of geographical administrative regions in China; the relationship between the private economic sector and the Chinese Party-state; Chinese women entrepreneurs’ political capital; and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and its functions. Mainly, my research focuses on local politics and governance in China.

I have published one monograph, one edited volume, two translated books, nine refereed journal articles (in English, Chinese and Spanish) and four book chapters. I have also been awarded seven internal and external grants, including two Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects (as Chief Investigator).

In terms of teaching, I am the coordinator of the China Studies Centre’s PhD program and Master of China Public Administration, which requires me to work closely and cooperatively with a number of departments and faculties across the University.

At a postgraduate level, I believe a cross-disciplinary approach to education is highly beneficial, as this method is emphasised more and more in research activities nowadays. The combination of China Studies with a discipline enables PhD students to develop expertise in a certain area (China in this case) as well as theories and methodologies in a discipline of their choice, such as politics, sociology, business, etc.

The master’s courses offered through the China Studies Centre are also based on a cross-disciplinary approach. The Master of China Studies is designed for students who are seeking to develop better understanding of China and/or prepare for study at a higher level, while the Master of China Public Administration provides more practical knowledge of China’s business and public sectors. Therefore graduates will be better equipped when they seek employment in these sectors.

Capitalising on collaboration

Being a member of the China Studies Centre benefits my work in many ways. Firstly, the centre is a hub for University of Sydney academics who have an interest in China. Thus, it brings together like-minded people. I have worked in many collaborative projects with academics from other departments, faculties, and universities. This degree of cooperation helps us to develop a cross-disciplinary approach and facilitates the exchange of ideas.
Secondly, I have benefitted from the centre’s resources. Together with Associate Professor Ben Goldsmith (Department of Government and International Relations) I have received a China Studies Centre Major Research Grant, which enabled us to carry out a research project investigating Chinese women entrepreneurs’ political capital.

Dr Minglu Chen is member of the China Studies Centre’s Academic Appointments Committee, Education Committee, Research Committee and Research Training Committee. She is also a Lecturer, Department of Government and International Relations, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. See Dr Chen's academic profile