Our people

The China Studies Centre brings together the cross-disciplinary expertise of more than 150 academics to improve our understanding of China and strengthen relations between our countries. Our people work hand in hand with government, educators, businesses and communities to create new insights and drive a more positive future. You can meet some of our people below and find out how you can become a member.

  • Photo of Kerry Brown

    Professor Kerry Brown

    Executive Director of the China Studies Centre and Professor of Chinese Politics.

  • Photo of Vivienne Bath

    Professor Vivienne Bath

    Professor of Chinese and International Business Law and Chair of the Research Committee, China Studies Centre.

  • Photo of Beatriz Carrillo Garcia

    Dr Beatriz Carrillo Garcia

    Originally from Mexico, Beatriz Carrillo Garcia completed her first degree in international relations at the TEC de Monterrey (ITESM).

  • Photo of David Goodman

    Professor David Goodman

    Academic Director of the China Studies Centre, and a member of the School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Nanjing University.

  • Photo of Minglu Chen

    Dr Minglu Chen

    Lecturer in the China Studies Centre and the Department of Government and International Relations

  • Photo of Hans Hendrischke

    Professor Hans Hendrischke

    Professor of Chinese Business and Management at the University of Sydney Business School.

  • Photo of Duanfang Lu

    Dr Duanfang Lu

    Lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning and Acting Associate Dean (Education)

  • Photo of Graeme Smith

    Graeme Smith

    Postdoctoral fellow in the China Studies Centre, University of Sydney Business School and a visiting fellow in the State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Program at ANU.

  • Photo of Alison Betts

    Professor Alison Betts

    Alison Betts' research and teaching interests include the archaeology and history of nomadic peoples.

  • Photo of Linda Tsung

    Associate Professor Linda Tsung

    Linda Tsung has carried out research into Chinese language education, ethnic identities, social and political changes in China.

  • Photo of Frederick Teiwes

    Professor Frederick Teiwes

    Frederick Teiwes has written extensively on re-evaluations of Chinese Communist Party history, and is currently researching leadership politics in the post-Mao era.

  • Photo of Adrian Hearn

    Dr Adrian Hearn

    Adrian Hearn’s research examines the geopolitical implications of China’s deepening diplomatic and economic relations with Latin America, and by comparison with Australia.