The University of Sydney's Compass - your way to higher education program recognises that students with the ability to succeed in higher education come from all walks of life. Compass seeks to address the under-representation in higher education of students from low socio-economic backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and regional students.

Since launching in 2009 Compass has engaged nearly 100,000 students, teachers and parents in their schools, communities and on campus.

Compass works with young people, their teachers and parents, to build the confidence and motivation to succeed through education and make informed decisions about their post-school options.

Our programs are divided into four stages: Discover (Year 3-6), Explore (Year 7-8), Inquire (Year 9-10) and Experience (Year 11-12). We also provide a range of enriched learning programs across all year levels that are designed to further develop skills, independence and participation.

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