Compass works with young people, their teachers and parents, to build the confidence and motivation to succeed through education and make informed decisions about their post-school options. Since launching in 2009 Compass has engaged over 100,000 students, teachers and parents in their schools, communities and on campus.

Our programs are divided into four stages:

We also provide a range of enriched learning programs across all year levels that are designed to further develop skills, independence and participation.

Compass takes a place-based approach. Schools can tailor the elements or activities of the program that best suit their particular circumstances. The programs are designed in conjunction with schools to build cumulative impact and ensure they achieve their desired outcomes.

Teacher Professional Learning

The professional learning program supports teachers in Compass partner schools in the various technologies and pedagogies required to implement and sustain school based activities such as filmmaking, fine motor skill development, literacy and numeracy programs.

Compass also offers subsidised access to the accredited professional development programs run through the Faculty of Education and Social Work as well as opportunities to engage with specific discipline areas to build whole-of-school capacity.

Parents & Community
Parents and community are the most significant influence in a student's decisions about education and their future. Compass offers parents the chance to get to know the work of a university better, to see the range of opportunities available to their children and find out more information about pathways, scholarships and careers.