Compass Awards 2013: recognising student achievement and aspiration

17 December 2013

Compass staff member with a Compass award recipient

Through the University of Sydney's Compass program, we have had the privilege of working with fantastic schools and have heard stories of achievement and success from students that are continuously striving to succeed, in spite of life's many challenges.

This year sees the launch of our Compass Awards initiative, designed specifically to recognise these students' motivation and commitment, and to encourage them on their journey to higher education.

The Compass Awards are small, financial bursaries that will assist students with purchasing stationery for the school year. They are presented to selected students in primary and secondary schools who have been identified by their school as resilient and engaged students, young people who keep persevering, who are starting to dream big.

Award categories include:

  • Compass Achievement Award: Awarded to one student from each school in Primary Year 6 and one student in Secondary Year 9 or 10. This award recognises students who have demonstrated motivation and commitment to their studies and/or a significant improvement in their results and have overcome challenges to their learning throughout the year.
  • Compass University-Ready Award: Awarded to one student from each school in Secondary Year 11. This award recognises students who have motivation and commitment to their studies and/or have achieved a significant improvement in their results in one or more subject areas and have begun to demonstrate an aptitude for tertiary study.
Compass staff member and a student

Some of the criteria used to identify award winners were attending extra study skills courses in the holidays to prepare for university, and demonstrating positive attitudes during difficult personal circumstances.

Many of the Year 11 recipients of the University-Ready Award already have a very clear picture for their future. Ibrahim Alameddine, the recipient of the Compass University-Ready Award at Liverpool Boys High School, has his mind set on a future in academia - specifically in mathematics and science. He told the Compass staff member who attended the school presentation that at the start of his final year of high school he has the intention of becoming a teacher, not of primary or high school, but at university.

On behalf of Compass we would like to congratulate all the award recipients for their achievement and the teachers for their contribution to the success of their students. We would also like to thank the schools that have so enthusiastically incorporated the Compass award in their end of year presentations.