Getting legal with Regional Schools

5 December 2013

Compass volunteers with regional students

Last week saw 36 Sydney University Law Society student volunteers visit Compass partner schools in Dubbo and Forbes to encourage regional high school students to consider university as a future option.

The Regional Visit takes place annually and has been organised by the Sydney University Law Society (SULS) for 3 consecutive years. This year, SULS joined forces with the Compass Program to build on the existing school partnerships in the Dubbo and Forbes area.

The visit are developed as a way to connect with students from regional areas and share experiences of university life and to engage with students from years 10-11, specifically targeting the ways in which to overcome some of the challenges of accessing tertiary education.

Compass volunteers with regional students

Students from Dubbo College (Delroy), Dubbo College (South), Gilgandra High School, Dubbo Christian School and Forbes High School participated in the Regional Visit across the two days.

The 36 University Volunteers spent the first day of the trip working with over 200 Year 10 students at Dubbo Senior College, and the second day with over 100 students from Years 10 and 11 at Forbes High. Each volunteer mentored a group of around 5-8 high school students through a series of activities over the course of each day. The activities included had an information session to find out everything they needed to know about university courses, applications, finances and scholarships, and most importantly - moving away from home. They discussed the important aspects of moving away from their home town, such as university accommodation and support.

A skills session provided students with key tips on SMART goal-setting, to help them to plan their future. Then the real introduction to university life began - with students trying their hand at some of the sport and extra-curricular activities on offer, such as touch football, ultimate Frisbee, drama games and a Model UN workshop.

The high school students who took part in the session commented that it was "enjoyable and educating", "I was stressed about Uni but I'm more relieved and stress-free now", and that "I'll feel more welcome once I get to Uni".

It was clearly a beneficial experience all around, with the University Student Volunteers commenting that "it was great connecting with the high school students".

The program focuses on providing information to students on:

  • Mainstream and alternative admissions pathways to tertiary education
  • Accommodation and relocation assistance
  • Financial assistance information
  • Extra-curricular options

A huge thank you to the Sydney University Law Society, in particular Melissa Chen and James Higgins, for their work on coordinating the Regional Visit.

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Compass volunteers with regional students