Exploring the idea of university, continues...

3 September 2013

Year 7 students from Condell Park High School

Continuing on with the Year 7 Explore Uni program, students from Liverpool Boys HS, Condell Park HS and Sir Joseph Banks HS had their turn to explore the University of Sydney. More than 300 students, guided by student ambassadors walked through many part of the campus grounds to explore and experience the university environment.

Liverpool Boys HS became 'emotion investigators' by exploring emotions through history. Facilitated by Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, students looked back in time to learn how the long history of emotional behaviors shape individual, community and national identities. Students also commented, they really enjoyed the campus tour because it was fun to discover things and gain a better understanding of university whilst seeing different buildings and facilities.

Year 7 students from Sir Joseph Banks High School

As part of their visit, students from Condell Park HS watched the performance of Onwards & Upwards in the iconic Great Hall. Onwards & Upwards is a high energy, interactive, magazine style production that presents staying in learning post-school as fun, interesting and accessible. The characters explore different routes and pathways through education, including HSC, TAFE and University, and other career options to promote early consideration and develop an understanding of what is right for them. This production has been developed by Gibber on behalf of
Bridges to Higher Education.

Students from Sir Joseph Banks HS had the opportunity to visit the Macleay Museum and explored the Museum's exciting and intriguing collection of natural histories. They also involved in the games of fencing to test their reflexes and alertness. For many of the students, the visit was their first time visiting the University of Sydney.

Year 7 students from Liverpool Boys High School

The Year 7 Explore Uni campus visits provide the starting point for an exploration of the idea of university as a realistic option for high school students. Students are encouraged to see themselves within tertiary study and the university environment from an early stage, as it can often take time - most of their high school career - to work out their goals and explore different options.

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