Thinking Ahead!

High school students have lots of questions about applying for uni and for scholarships:

  • What are universities looking for in scholarship applicants?
  • How do I write about myself and my accomplishments effectively?
  • Which pathway, program or scheme is right for me?

The Compass Program’s Year 11 Thinking Ahead and Year 12 Promote Yourself workshops provide information, skills development, and support around scholarship applications, alternative entry pathways, and special admissions schemes.










Year 11 Thinking Ahead

Compass staff & university student ambassadors visit Year11 classrooms to present information about the types of scholarships and admissions pathways available. 

Students then analyse typical extracurricular activities in terms of the leadership skills employers and scholarship committees look for.

To help students understand the leadership skills and qualities universities are seeking

To help students’ recognise their own relevant skills and qualities, building confidence and motivation to apply for university

To build stronger application skills




***Sessions extended until end of Week 9 - Friday 19 June***


80 minutes in class at school.


Schools can nominate particular students from across Year 11 or send one entire class.


*Maximum number of 30 participants per session





Year 12 Promote Yourself



Students applying for the E12 Early Offer Program or other University of Sydney scholarships practise writing persuasively and effectively about themselves.


To help students understand the work required in accessing information and applying for scholarships

To offer advice and feedback on writing the personal statement and/or answering questions that are part of a scholarship application

Students can also register for a 1-1 consultation about their draft application at the University of Sydney’s Open Day on 29 August, 2015.



Term 3, Weeks 1–7 (13 July – 28 August)

120 minutes in class at school.


Students who have been recommended for the E12 Early Offer program.

*Maximum number of 30 participants per session.


Workshop availability

Year 11 Thinking Ahead and Year 12 Promote Yourself workshops delivered in schools are available to:

  • Compass partner schools
  • Other selected schools eligible for EAS programs

Promote Yourself workshops will also be offered at the University of Sydney's Open Day (29 August 2015) and Life at Sydney events. Registration will be open to any students eligible for the E12 Early Offer Program.