Compass undertakes a series of engagements with students, teachers and parents to prepare young people for higher education. This includes programs to enhance educational outcomes, increase understanding of the value of higher education and promote student's educational confidence. Teachers are extremely influential on students' aspirations and educational outcomes, and we work with teachers to ensure that the program complements what students are doing and hearing in school.

For teachers, Compass offers a range of professional development courses and opportunities to build skills. We also provide information and advice on supporting your students on to tertiary education, especially in areas such as study skills, scholarships and entry pathways.

There are number of teacher elements to Compass:

  • General HE related/Student Activities - Information for teachers about the aims and outcomes of events for students, to contribute to the ongoing conversation in school around tertiary study options.
  • We develop programs that can be sustained by teachers in their classrooms, for example the film and animation programs.
  • Skills Enrichment Program Professional Development - Offer extensive professional development for teachers as part of the student skills enrichment programs (e.g literacy, numeracy, occupational therapy, filmmaking).
  • Professional Learning (Faculty of Education) - draws on the expertise of the Faculty of Education and Social Work to offer professional learning opportunities.
  • Professional Learning (University Wide) - Provide access to a range of course, workshops and seminars at the University of Sydney relevant for teacher professional development, many of which are accredited.