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  • Year 3 Day Teacher Briefing (coming soon)
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Year 8 Investig8 Uni Pre-Visit Lesson:

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  • Year 7 Day Teacher Briefing
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  • Year 10 Study Skills

Skills Enrichment Program Professional Development

Occupational Therapy - Teachers Professional Development

Below are video recordings of Occupational Therapy presentations. You can also download the accompanying fact sheets here:

Body Awareness

Body Awareness

Correct posture, especially during handwriting, is very important and should be emphasized both in the classroom and at home.

  • 10:26 minutes


Definition: unusual large range of movement in some or all of joints. Also can be known as "double-jointedness", "floppy joints", or "joint hyperlaxity".

  • 10:50 minutes
Visual Perception

Visual Perception

Visual perception is the process that enables the brain to interpret visual information. It is different to visual acuity which merely measures sharpness of sight.

  • 08:26 minutes

The following are links to more downloadable PDF documents:

More fact sheets
  • 'Building Grip & Pincer Strength in the Classroom' - Children who have weak grip and pincer strength are likely to have difficulty with activities that require pinching or maintaining grasp, such as holding a pencil, but this can be alleviated by completing activities for only a few minutes each day in your classroom.
  • 'In-Hand Manipulation in the Classroom' - In-hand manipulation refers to the ability to use the fingers and thumb of one hand to adjust and manipulate an object after grasping it. With practice, children can develop the small muscles in their palm and fingers to help them move objects around within the hand itself.
  • 'Liberating Left Handers' - It is important not to think of being left handed as 'wrong'. Being left-handed means your child will have to make some adaptations and adjustments to the right handed world they live in, but trying to change their hand dominance can cause long.

We would like to hear from you. Please directly with your feedback, questions and ideas about future Occupational Therapy teacher professional development opportunities.

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