What Primary Schools are saying about Compass:

"It is common now, to hear students in the participating schools speak not about 'if I go to university' but 'when I go to university'." - Primary school teacher

"I had a powerpoint about the university and careers. It talked about the future and put seeds in my students' heads. At the excursion, the students had a variety of activities, just long enough and then they moved on. Many activities were hands on. This was great and we could relate the chance activity back to school work. The students thought university was fun. It has amazed me what they have remembered; much more than I do. The day is still in their subconscious as it was an amazing experience. They now have a memory of being at university and I think that the importance of this will come down the track as they think about their future." - Primary school teacher

"We've got Year 5 and 6 kids saying what they want to do at uni, and we didn't have that before. You'd think they were about to start their uni or do their HSC. [Kids often say] 'Where are we going this year with Compass?'" - Teacher, Panania Public School

What High Schools are saying about Compass:

"Our students didn't go out of Bankstown and few dreamt of going to university. Their aspiration was to go to TAFE. In 2008, only 12 per cent of our students went to university. Two years ago 27 per cent went. In 2011, 44 per cent gained admittance. We expect that in our current Year 12 over 40 per cent will be offered a place at university. This is a massive change. I am excited by these results and the teachers are happy and proud. Long serving staff have shifted their paradigm from low expectation to high. Compass has been a massive part of this change. Its programs are a perfect fit to our school's goals." - Secondary school teacher

"The impact of the Compass visit was that university is no longer a vague notion. My students have seen and experienced it. The tutorial style classes were an authentic experience, engaging and inspirational for students. Career paths were discussed. The Compass people were personable, had great interpersonal skill and spoke at the students' level. My students learnt that normal people go to university and gaining entry is achievable if you are motivated, work hard and reach high expectations." - Secondary school teacher

"I'm thrilled with the impact of Compass because of both the campus visits and in-schools programs. For the younger students the Campus visits titillated them while volunteers' enthusiasm ignited the older students' interest for study and going to university. Compass does broaden students' outlook... The strength of Compass lies with its people. They are energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and generous. They are like bouncing balls. You ask them and question and you always get answers. They also listen. Our school is always looking for new initiatives and the Compass officers took note of our school needs. They have accepted advice and are introducing numeracy courses like Word Up. We are excited about this. On the excursions the lectures and activities are pitched at the right level. The persons who present have excellent communication skills. Our students will become disengaged quickly but they loved the hands on activities." - Secondary school principal

"It was great to see how engaged the [Year 10] students were. This group of students can be difficult to engage so it was great to see them interacting with the student teachers and genuinely enjoying the experience." - Teacher, Liverpool Boys High School, commenting on the Year 10 Preparation for Senior Study activity

"Encouraged them to participate in an activity they wouldn't normally do at school. They were able to listen to and interact with uni students. Communicated by uni students in their talks and instructions." - Teacher, Marrickville High School

"The activity engaged with the students and exposed them to university life. It made university study seem relatable and attainable." - Teacher, Marrickville High School

What schools are saying about film production and editing:

"Year 10PDM2 and Ms Bor participated in the COMPASS Stop Motion Animation (SMA) this year in term 3. Jack McGrath, lecturer from Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), visited the group every Monday for 10 weeks. Over each two hour session, he imparted his knowledge on film and animation production and worked with the students to refine their concept of their film: "Jack and Jill"- a human pixelated romantic comedy of a camping trip gone wrong! Students achieved many technical skills by working with an expert in their field. Year 10 students were highly engaged, able to unleashed their skills and talent and enjoyed working collaboratively in this immersive project. SMA was well received and was an incredibly positive experience for everyone involved.

"When students design, plan, carry out and publicly exhibit a project of genuine value (to themselves and/or to the community), it has transformative effect on their perceptions of themselves, their relationship to learning and their sense of their place in the world
around them. On 9 December, 2013, Compass provided many resources including free transport to and from the University of Sydney; an exclusive venue (The Great Hall) to exhibit preliminary work and to showcase final show reels; an Academy Award-like presentation to make all participants feel very special and a very well organised morning tea and delicious lunch. All students were treated like stars on the 'red carpet'. Year 10 had the opportunity to see the creative work of other schools participating in the project and watch their own work on the big screen. This entire positive experience package has made a huge impact on our students and their perceptions of themselves and to learning in general. Compass provided a culmination to a wonderful learning journey (for both teachers and students) which has certainly engaged our students by through insights to pathways to higher education.

"We look forward to working on future exciting and creative projects with Jack McGrath and Compass." - Rachael Bor and Katy Lumkin from Liverpool Girls' High School, reflecting on the Compass Stop Motion Animation Project 2013

What schools are saying about Professional Development:

"A focus at our school is implementing student directed learning. In Term 4, science units of work will be done that will involve investigation and cooperative tasks. A number of Compass programs have a direct link to this. Occupational Therapy, OT, and Film Making have shown the success of working in groups to discuss, resolve problems and do activities. The video conferencing that occurred with OT gave a vehicle to discuss changing direction in teaching practice and skills that will be used in student directed learning. A strong point is that this stimulus for improvement came from an outside source which validated change." - Primary school teacher

"Thanks for all your work and support - we look forward to working with your team - the staff certainly appreciate the intervention." - Deputy Principal, Buninyong Public School, commenting on the Occupational Therapy Program