What schools and volunteers are saying about our Compass Volunteering Programs:

"The OT program is particularly good because it is about our students. When the OT students explain to the teachers the problem/s a child has and the activities that will help, they became a focus of action for the teachers. There has been improvement in teachers' skills and understanding of problems and how to deal with them. Two terms of OT students have impacted on the teachers' talk and work with children." - Primary school principal

"At the Homework Centre I have learnt new ways to complete my homework activities and study. The Compass volunteers have helped me by explaining questions in a simpler form. By working with them I get to complete my homework with better understanding. Their assistance has helped me a lot. I have found it enjoyable working with the girls and have been rewarded for my good work with a cake. I now have a better understanding of what I have to do to get into university. I know I have to study hard. I am more motivated and focus on my school work. I've found that my teachers are talking to me about my school work, the Homework Centre and the volunteers and told me I'm doing much better at school. I'm trying my best to learn my subjects. My parents and I talk about my school work a lot and my Dad helps me revise my Maths work during the evenings. They tell me that it is important to get a good education. I want to do well." - Secondary school student

"[The Compass volunteer] talked to me, praised me and made me feel more confident... My English teacher has asked me if I think it has helped and I say 'Yes'. She thinks I'm doing better and I am because my grades have improved. I want to be a vet and Richard has told me I have to work hard to do well at school. I used to muck up in class but I've changed. I'm a good girl now because I understand more of what's happening. I think it is more fun to come to school now because I'm doing better. My parents a happy - I'm going to school." - Secondary school student

The volunteers "they are role models for kids. Our students value them and look up to them not only by being a role model but as ambassadors for lifelong learning." The University students also gain from working with her secondary students: "the university students get a sense of satisfaction. It is exciting for them when students complete work. If they come regularly there is a connection between the two. They learn to reflect on the student responses and different learning styles and adapt to the needs of the students in a high school context." - Secondary school teacher

"All the volunteers received a Multilit Kit and pencil case so they could mark up the booklet in the correct manner. The volunteers were reliable. They praised and gave stickers to the children - an important element in Multilit. In the sessions, the volunteers helped the children with respect and behaviour. It all adds up to students believing 'I can do it'. The children were happy. The volunteers showed trust and inspiration to our primary students." - Primary school teacher