Who can volunteer?

University of Sydney students, staff members or alumni from all backgrounds are eligible to volunteer. All other individuals are welcome to contact us to find out how to get involved.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

Volunteers can participate in one or more of the following programs:

How many programs can I join?

Most Compass volunteers participate in only one of the programs, but volunteers can be involved in more than one. Most volunteers who do so join the Classroom Activity Facilitators program and one of the Word Up, Homework Club or Numeracy Tutoring programs.

When applying, we encourage you to indicate which program/s you are interested in and we can discuss your suitability and availability during your volunteer interview.

How do I become a volunteer?

Read more about the application process.

Which schools are involved?

Each volunteer program involves schools located across Sydney and southwest Sydney, and volunteers can negotiate with Compass to find the most suitable volunteer opportunity. Volunteers can drive themselves to schools or take public transport and Compass will reimburse transport costs/mileage.

What is the time commitment?

The Word Up, Homework Club and Numeracy Tutoring programs are a weekly commitment over 13 weeks. Click below for further information:

The Classroom Activity Facilitators program is a flexible commitment throughout the semester.

Can I volunteer if I have an internship/practical during the middle of semester?

Word Up, Homework Club and Numeracy Tutoring volunteers must make a commitment to volunteer each week for the duration of the 13 week program.

If you have an internship or practical placement that would prevent you from making a weekly volunteering commitment for the duration of the program, then we encourage you to apply for the Classroom Activity Facilitators program instead as this is a more flexible volunteering program.

What support do Compass volunteers receive?

All volunteers receive full training before they begin their volunteer placements. Compass staff arrange volunteer placements with schools on behalf of volunteers and provide support during the placement. While in school, volunteers will receive support from a school staff member. Where possible, volunteers will be placed in groups which provide valuable peer support.

Compass volunteers who meet certain requirements are eligible to receive a certificate signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Registrar at the end of their placement. In addition, a volunteer rewards system is in progress for those who excel at their volunteering role.