Complexity, Criticality and Computation (C3) Research Camps

These week-long research camps explore the importance of studying complex systems.

The study of complex systems is about understanding indirect effects. Why is it necessary to study complex systems? Humans are typically inclined to use reductionist logic. To understand how a system would behave overall, or to test whether a human-made system works as it was intended to, we put it through a series of ‘short, discrete’ scenarios, expecting a ‘correct response’ to each scenario. However, complex systems do not lend themselves to short, discrete scenarios. Not all scenarios have clear endings or known, correct answers.

How do we evaluate the usability of, or predict the behaviour of systems that are too complex for our typical reductionist reasoning? The answer to this question is not intuitive or trivial, and a specific skill set needs to be developed in order to answer it.

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Upcoming C3 Research Camps

The next C3 Research Camp will be announced during 2017.