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The Confucius Institute and the Centre for Continuing Education have combined our strength and resources to launch a highly structured Chinese Mandarin language program that is designed for people who have no or little Chinese language knowledge or are Australian-born Chinese with a heritage background. Our classes are interactive and focus on building students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using international teaching aids.

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Why learn Chinese with us?

  • Well-designed course structure and content
  • Experienced and well-trained native-speaking Chinese teachers
  • Small classes and individual coaching time
  • International acclaimed university textbooks

Course Description

Our Chinese Mandarin language courses are developed to suit different learning levels. Students can choose from a four year standard program or a two year intensive program that offers them a clear long-term perspective and a structured program that is based on the most widely used international teaching material.

Chinese Standard Program
10 consecutive weeks, 2 hours per week (20 hours per term)

Chinese Intensive Program
10 consecutive weeks, 2 x 2 hours per week (40 hours per term)

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Choosing the right language level

If you have studied Chinese previously, count the vocabulary items in your previous text book and convert to the following level:If you have studied Chinese previously, count the vocabulary items in your previous text book and convert to the following level:

  • Up to 165 items: Chinese 1011 and 1012 (Standard) or Chinese 101 (Intensive)
  • Up to 350 items: Chinese 1021 and 1022 (Standard) or Chinese 102 (Intensive)
  • Up to 525 items: Chinese 1031 and 1032 (Standard) or Chinese 103 (Intensive)
  • Up to 700 items: Chinese 1041 and 1042 (Standard) or Chinese 104 (Intensive)
  • Up to 875 items: Chinese 2011 and 2012 (Standard)
  • Up to 1050 items: Chinese 2021 and 2022 (Standard)
  • Up to 1250 items: Chinese 2031 and 2032 (Standard)
  • Up to 1450 items: Chinese 2041 and 2042 (Standard)

If you still require assistance, contact our Chinese language coordinator for specific advice.

Other Chinese Language Courses

Individual and Small Group Tuition

The Confucius Institute provides individual tuition for people with specific learning needs. The individual tuition classes are 1 hour per session. This course provides flexibility and is suitable for busy professionals who are unable to attend regular class.

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Study Chinese scholarship opportunity at Shanghai University in 2014

The Confucius Institute is offering students of our Chinese Language courses a scholarship opportunity to participate in an intensive Chinese language program at Shanghai University from 14 July to 10 August 2014.

This four week study program will include Chinese language classes, cultural activities, as well as a two day trip to Suzhou and Hangzhou. Students will explore fascinating historical and cultural sites, experiment with different art forms, interact with Chinese university students and sample the delights of authentic Chinese cuisine.

Eligibility criteria

  • Current students of the Confucius Institute’s Chinese language program
  • Possess a non–Chinese passport

The Scholarship will cover

  • Tuition fee
  • Registration fee
  • Accommodation
  • Group meals and activities during the program

Participants will need to pay for

  • Return airfare Sydney to Shanghai. Fare may change depending on the time of your booking.
  • Travel insurance from AUD 175 with QBE Insurance
  • Visa application and services: AUD 98.50 for single entry for Australian Citizens.
  • Personal expenses

Applications closing date

Please email your application to us by 9pm, Sunday 6 April