Chinese Language Courses at the Confucius Institute

Courses that achieve more

Being able to speak Chinese is the gateway to amazing experiences.

Over the years we’ve made those experiences possible for thousands of people through our leadership in the design and delivery of Chinese (Mandarin) language programs in Sydney. Designed by our expert teaching team of native Chinese speakers, our programs aim to have you conversing in your new language quickly and with confidence.

We focus on the progress that every individual makes while keeping classes packed with fascinating topics and activities. The atmosphere is always friendly and supportive.

Whatever your goal and level of experience, we have a course that suits your needs.

Courses that fit

Whether you’re learning the language to visit or to work in China, or even looking to reconnect with your Chinese heritage. Our Foundation courses in Chinese (Mandarin) are a perfect option.

Looking to do business in China or develop and improve business relationships?

We offer Business Chinese courses and Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette workshop with customised content. These are delivered as efficient in-house programs for workforce development. Most Institute courses are available in a standard or tailored format and sequence. There is also the choice of Private One-on-One and Small Group tuition.

When you enroll for any Confucius Institute course you’re also eligible to apply for the Institute’s annual travel scholarships and study tours.

Our courses provide you with the best foundations for learning a language that’s shared by more than 1 billion people around the globe.

Foundation Courses

Our language courses are progressive and integrated across the year.

You can progress from beginner to higher levels at a speed that suits you. Courses are available at 10 skill levels. Every year close to a thousand people start or continue their discovery of Chinese language and culture through the Foundation series.

Foundation courses are offered in standard or intensive mode:

Standard: 10 week terms – 1 x 2 hour session per week
Intensive: 10 week terms – 2 x 2 hour sessions per week

Courses are term-based and held on-site at the University of Sydney’s main campus. There are four terms per year.

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Business Chinese

Our Business Chinese course is based on our entry-level Foundation courses with an emphasis on learning about business relationships in China. The course includes sessions on contemporary Chinese business and social etiquette.

If your business is focussed on domestic or international Chinese markets, this course offers your teams the best opportunity to learn the language and culture of contemporary business practice.

Business Chinese is offered as a standard course at an introductory level for one 10-week term. On completion, participants can stream into a suitable Foundation course.

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Corporate & In-House Training

As Australian businesses grow closer ties and deepen their trading relationships with China, the demand for high-quality language training increases. We were an early leader in providing language and culture training in workplaces and we have continued to refine and enhance our corporate training programs.

In-house course delivery is a flexible and efficient solution for business executives or individuals or small business teams looking to reduce language and cultural barriers and strengthen relationships. It is ideal for those who are time-poor and unable to commit to courses with a fixed schedule.

Our professional solutions are perfect for companies looking to invest in their global expertise, readiness and success.

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Private Tuition

For Individuals and Small Groups

Private tuition is the perfect answer if you are looking for a highly personalised language program and an opportunity to focus on core skills and knowledge. You also benefit from learning at your own pace.

No matter what your level of experience, you’ll receive careful and dedicated guidance from the expert teachers of our popular Foundation courses. Private and small group tuition is suitable for academics, business groups, and government representatives, students (secondary and upwards) as well as independent adult learners.

Sessions are available for individuals or for groups of up to 8 people.

HSK Preparation Courses

Chinese Proficiency Tests

At the Confucius Institute we encourage you to undertake a Chinese Proficiency test (HSK and HSKK) at each level. The test is a great motivator and an endorsement for what you’ve achieved through your Confucius Institute experience. Results are recognised in Australia, China and around the world.

For undergraduate and postgraduate students, HSK results open a world of opportunity in terms of further study and employment in China.

Due to popular demand, we have recently launched courses for HSK Level 4 and Level 5. These have been created for those who have completed our Foundation series or for highly experienced learners.

In-Country Language Program

Each year we award study tour grants and language scholarships with the support of our international partners Fudan University and Shanghai University. Tours focus on China’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as the astonishing modern achievements of one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Each tour incorporates a program of language tuition and practice – the Experience Shanghai Scholarship incudes regular language sessions over the four weeks of the tour and the China Culture Study Tour includes two weeks of language practice.

All current Confucius Institute students who meet the published criteria are able to apply for one of these sensational experiences.

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