One to One Tuition

The Confucius Institute provides individual tuition to people with specific learning needs. The individual tuition classes are 1 hour per session. This course provides flexibility and is suitable for busy professionals who are unable to attend regular class.

Tuition Fee

  • On campus tuition: $100 per 1hr session, minimum 6 sessions ($600)
    (Up to 3 students)
  • Corporate in-house tuition: $130 per 1hr session, minimum 6 sessions ($780)
    (Up to 2 students)
  • Chinese Cultural and Business Etiquette Workshop (3 hours):
    $1,250 (up to 10 students)
    $1,500 (10 - 20 students)


One on one tuition is only available from Monday to Friday 9am-6pm. Please consult us prior to proceeding to the registration page.

Additional Classes

Additional classes may also be added from the enrolment page. Please enter the number of additional classes you would like to order in the box provided.


There are no pre-requisites. An assessment will be undertaken prior to the commencement of the tuition to access each student’s level of proficiency and individual learning goals and objectives, this will include:

  • Accessing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Pin Yin knowledge

Lesson Outline

You will work with your tutor to devise a tailored course structure designed to satisfy your individual learning needs.

You are encouraged to provide feedback on the program at any time through our online student feedback form


You must give your teacher and the Confucius Institute at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel and a class and reschedule. Any rescheduled classes will be arranged at the teacher's convenience.

If you have any queries about this outline or any aspects of the language course please contact us on 02 9036 7512 or email the