Culture and Arts

As part of the Confucius Institute’s mission, we look to celebrate the achievements of Chinese culture and the arts - from the earliest times to the present day. There is an astonishing diversity and richness in Chinese culture that rewards anyone who is interested to cross the bridge of discovery. At the Confucius institute we seek to be that bridge.

Sydney-siders can participate in exceptional experiences throughout the year as we present a range of cultural activities that reflect the shared interests of the Australian and Chinese people, and the long history between our countries.

You are invited to join us for a year full of events and courses that include:

  • Cultural Classes ranging from Introduction to Chinese Art to the practices of Taiji (Tai Chi) and Kung Fu
  • Live Performances by celebrated international musicians and composers
  • Public Lectures and Discussion Panels exploring a range of contemporary issues in Chinese culture and society
  • Festival Celebrations marking the major festivals of the Chinese calendar
  • Artists Talks featuring the leading voices of Chinese arts and culture
  • Film Screenings presented in association with major film festivals
  • Exhibitions presented by our partner arts galleries and institutions

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