Chinese Martial Arts

martial arts class

Kung Fu is a traditional form of Chinese martial arts. The forms of combat arts that make up Kung Fu can be traced as far back as the 12th century BC.

The term “Kung Fu” refers to any individual accomplishment or cultivated skill obtained by long and hard work. The term was popularised in Western countries in the 20th century by Hong Kong films of the 1960s, such as those staring Kung fu star Bruce Lee.

Course Description

This course is for people who wish to develop their knowledge of Chinese martial arts and experience the basic Kung Fu movements. The course will teach participants how to control their body and mind to do the basic Kung Fu forms.

There are five key stances in the basic Kung Fu forms. These are horse stance, front stance, rest stance, bow stance, and fighters stance. Students will also learn some basic self-defence techniques in the class, such as a jab, hook, uppercut, front kick, step kick and side kick. Participants will get to practice how to do blocks in Kung Fu. These include the in-and-out block, the down block, and the high block, etc.

The course is taught with step-by-step instructions of every action. There will be group training as well as working in pairs to assist learning. The class will be small (15 maximum) in order to provide students with sufficient individual attention.

Instructor Information

Our teacher Richard (Hongguang) Niu began martial arts training at a very young age. He holds a master degree in Chinese martial arts and has won several international Chinese martial arts competitions.

Course Details

Start date: To be announced
Location: Drama Studio 427, Old Teacher's College (A22)
Camperdown Campus
Tuition fees: $140 for 8 consecutive weeks

Location & Map

Classes are held in the Drama Studio (Room 427) of The Old Teachers' College (Building A22).

See the below map for the location of The Old Teachers' College:

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Further Information

  • Dress: Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes
  • The class will be conducted in English. The instructor also speaks Mandarin.
  • Parking is available on the campus for a flat fee of $6 after 6pm.
  • We aim to have a maximum number of 15 students in all our classes. If we exceed 15 students, we will try to split classes (depending on availability of teachers and facilities).
  • All classes need a minimum number of students to go ahead. If your chosen course does not have sufficient enrolment, it may be postponed to next term or cancelled. Should this happen, we will inform you as soon as possible.
  • For legal reasons, we reserve the right to vary courses due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you have any queries about this outline or any aspect of the Chinese Martial Arts class, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9036 7512 or email