Chinese Painting Course I

Course description

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The Chinese traditional painting course is developed and delivered by the University of Sydney Confucius Institute, and open to everyone. Chinese painting is an ancient art that captures the world in deceptively simple strokes, yet manifests its complexity in mesmerizing beauty. Through subtle use of ink and water in different gradations: wet, dry, light, dark, burned, etc., it strives to reflect the essence of nature, human beings, and their relationship in a pure and harmonious fashion.

Our course is designed to lead students into the world of traditional Chinese painting through simple, gradual and fascinating steps. Students will learn how to handle the Chinese painting brush, execute brush strokes correctly and artistically, control the flow of ink, and load the brush correctly with five shades of ink. Students will also be introduced to famous painters and their works. To learn brush control, the foundation of Chinese painting, students will learn basic skills in drawing various landscapes, such as rocks, trees, flowers, and animals.

Students may commence at beginner or intermediate level, depending on experience. Our course in each term combines the teaching and practicing of basic techniques, and adds different painting objects for variety. The teacher will provide students with personalised instructions customised to skill level and interest.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Chinese painting; its basic style, technique, and tools
  • The relation between Chinese painting and calligraphy, and Chinese brush control through basic skills of calligraphy. Developing “five shades of ink”
  • Chinese landscape painting from rock formation to small group combination
  • Tree depiction from branches, main stems to foliage
  • Flower painting with inscriptions and seals
  • Animal paintings with zodiac symbols such as the dragon, horse, rabbit and monkey
  • Introduction to colours in Chinese painting
  • 4 Gentlemen Painting

Course Details

Start Date:  TBA
Time:  6:30-8:30 pm
Location:  Education Graphics Room 625/626, Camperdown Campus
Fee:  $260 for 8 consecutive weeks
Registration:  Click here

Location and Map

Education Building (A35):

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Course information

Prerequisites: This course is for anyone who is interested in Chinese painting; no previous knowledge is required to participate. Students who have previously studied Chinese painting are also encouraged to join as the teacher will provide personalised instruction according to the student’s level and interest.

Materials: Chinese painting uses several tools. The main tools are brush, ink, rice paper and water; support tools include a paint tray, brush washer, painting felt, paperweight, seal, inkpad, and so on. Students can buy materials at recommended suppliers following consultation with the teacher. No items are required for the first lesson.

Certificate: Evaluation is provided at the end of course. Certificates are awarded to those students who have satisfactorily completed at least 70% of the course and achieved the course requirements.

Further Information:

  • We aim to have a maximum number of 15 students in all our classes. If we exceed 15 students, we will try to split classes (depending on availability of teachers and facilities).
  • All classes need a minimum number of students to go ahead. If your chosen course does not have sufficient enrolment, it may be postponed to next term or cancelled. Should this happen, we will inform you as soon as possible.
  • For legal reasons, we reserve the right to vary courses due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you have additional enquiries about this course, please contact our Chinese Program coordinator for specific advice.