Tai Ji 24 Forms Class

Course Description

Tai Ji teacher

This course is for people who wish to develop their knowledge and experience in the 24 forms in Yang style. The focus of this course is to perfect students’ techniques by training the posture, leg strength, body and mind coordination, synchronizing upper and lower body movements and the forms.

The course will be conducted by step-by-step instructions. There will be group training and working in pairs to assist the learning. The class will be small (15 maximum) in order to provide students with the opportunity for one to one coaching.

Pre Requisites: A previous Tai Ji workshop with the Confucius Institute or experience training in Tai Ji.

Further Support: We encourage students to continue their Tai Ji practice at home and offer additional support in a variety of ways. Other support includes:

Instructor Information

Our teacher Richard (Hongguang) Niu began martial arts training at a very young age. He holds a Masters degree in Chinese Martial Arts and has won several international Chinese Martial Arts competitions. Richard has been teaching Chinese Martial Arts and Tai Ji with the Confucius Institute since 2011.

Course Details

Tai Ji 24 Forms Workshop (8 weeks)
Start Date:
 Wed 28 February 2018
 The University of Sydney Camperdown Campus
Tuition Fee:

- $120
- $108 University staff and students
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