Tai Ji Sword and Advanced 32 Forms Course

Course Description

Tai Ji teacher

Tai Ji Sword and Advanced 32 forms is a course suitable for people who have already learnt Tai Ji 24 forms and would like to further develop their Tai Ji skills.

Tai Ji involves lifelong, ongoing practice, so we will continuously add new elements and new forms. The normal sequence after the 32 forms is the Tai Ji Sword, because you can feel more in touch with martial arts with a sword in your hands. In this course, we will start learning the 32 Sword Forms, combining the course with a review of the 32 forms.

The course will provide more insights and knowledge about these unique Chinese martial arts. We will divide the 32 forms into several parts and each part will be combined with forms of Tai Ji Sword.

Pre Requisites

A previous Tai Ji course with the Confucius Institute or experience training in Tai Ji (this course is not suitable for complete beginners).

Instructor Information

Lina He is a dedicated practitioner of Taiji Quan with 10 years of fitness training experience. She travels regularly to China to undergo traditional training from her Chinese masters. It is Lina's vision to introduce Taiji Quan to the community as an art of exercise and a way of living. She believes that years of practicing Taiji Quan will bring participants optimal health, vitality, energy and equilibrium.

Course Details

Start Date:  Monday 9 September 18.30 – 19.30 pm
Location:  Drama Studio 427 Old Teachers' College
  Camperdown Campus, University of Sydney 
Fee:  $ 240 for 12 consecutive weeks
  $ 216 for staff and students of the University of Sydney

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Location & Map

Classes are held in the Drama Studio (Room 427) of The Old Teachers' College (Building A22).

See the below map for the location of The Old Teachers' College:

View Old Teachers College (A22) in a larger map

Further Information

  • Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes
  • The class will be conducted in English. The instructor also speaks Mandarin.
  • Parking is available on the campus for a flat fee of $6 after 6pm.
  • All classes need a minimum number of students to go ahead. If your chosen course does not have sufficient enrolment, it may be postponed to next term or cancelled. Should this happen, we will inform you as soon as possible.
  • For legal reasons, we reserve the right to vary courses due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you have any queries about this outline or any aspect of the Tai Ji 24 Form class, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9036 7512 or email