Language and Culture Courses

In 2012, The Confucius Institute will offer a range of language and culture courses, from Chinese for Beginners to Chinese Painting and Tai Ji.

Language Program

New Chinese Language Program 2012

Our Tai Ji teacher

Beginning from 2012, the Confucius Institute will be offering a highly structured set of Basic Chinese language courses based on our cooperation with the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE).

This new joint course program will replace our previous Beginners and Intermediate Chinese Language courses.

The cooperation between CI and CCE will enable us to offer a two year intensive program and a four year standard program in Basic Chinese language that gives students a clear long-term perspective and a structured program that is based on the most widely used international teaching material, Integrated Chinese. More information

Other Chinese Language Courses

Cultural Program


Course registration is now open, chose your course above and follow the links to enrol.

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