Fiona Roughley (2006)

Fiona Roughley

The 2006 Convocation Medallist was Fiona Roughley. Fiona graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with 1st Class Honours and the University Medal. Fiona was placed on the Dean's List of Excellence in Academic Performance in 2003 and won the John S D'Arcy Memorial prize in second-year Government. In 2004 Fiona won numerous prizes and scholarships including the Law Society of New South Wales Prize and the Minter Ellison Scholarship.

Fiona has participated in numerous student clubs and societies and in the University of Sydney Union's Debates Committee where she served as the Deputy Chair. She was awarded the Order of Australia Association's Emblem medal for the pursuit of excellence aboard the Young Endeavour.

Fiona was awarded her Convocation Medal at the Alumni Reception on 02 September 2006.