James Cowling (2005)

James Cowling

The 2005 Convocation medallist was Mr James Cowling. James graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Technology (Advanced) with First Class Honours. During his time at University, James was also awarded the University Medal, the Foundation for Information Technology Prize, the Soprano Software Engineering Prize and the Allan Bromley Prize.

James was also the recipient of the Sir William Tyree Scholarship, the G.S Caird Scholarship, a University Honours Scholarship, and a Dean's Scholarship in Science.

His involvement in university life was significant, being active in student mentoring, university marketing and promotion of science at the university . He acted as student representative for the 2004 honours class, co-founded the Sydney University Beats Society for organising student entertainment events, and participated in the student exchange program, spending a year at the University of California where he was awarded International Resident of the Year.

James was the recent recipient of the inaugural Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship in Communications and Technology, with which he is currently studying towards a PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

James was awarded his Convocation Medal at the Annual Graduate Dinner on 26 November 2005.