Council Members: 2014

Name Representing
Mr John Blount Arts and Social Sciences
Mr Ross Brown AM

VC's Alumni nominee (Pharmacy)

Ms Merilyn Bryce

VC's Alumni nominee (The Women's College)

Mr David Burrows Arts and Social Sciences
Mr Robert Cahill Architecture
Mrs Ann Corlett Economics and Business
Dr Susan Coulson Health Sciences
Mr Grahame Cox Pharmacy
Mr Dennis de Kantzow Agriculture and Environment
Mr Murat Dizdar Education and Social Work
The Hon verity Firth Senate Fellow
Mr Peter FitzSimons AM Senate Fellow
Associate Professor Susan Green Education and Social Work
Associate Professor Max Guazzato Dentistry
Mr Vincent Lam VC's Alumni nominee (China Alumni Network)
Dr Paul Lancaster Medicine
Mr Dale Larsen Health Sciences
Dr Andrew Lim Science
Mr Charles Littrell Economics and Business
Dr Thomas Loveday VC's Alumni nominee (SCA)
Ms Margaret Martin Nursing
Ms Kate McClymont Senate Fellow
Dr Catriona Menzies-Pike Senate Fellow
Dr Matthew Minehan Arts and Social Sciences
Dr David Murray Science
Emeritus Professor Nerida Newbigin Arts and Social Sciences
Ms Rebecca O'Brien VC's Alumni nominee (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander)
Dr Cidi Olujie Arts and Social Sciences
Ms Kate O'Reilly Economics and Business
Mr Frank Perry Economics and Business
Mrs Helga Pettitt VC's Alumni nominee (Chancellor's Cte)
Dr Bill Porges Veterinary Science
Mr Paul Power Science
Mr Steven Rawling AM Arts and Social Sciences
Ms May Samali Economics and Business
Mr Peter Shaw Law
Mr Robert Smithies VC's Alumni nominee (Law)
Emeritus Associate Professor Ross Steele Arts and Social Sciences
Dr Michael Thomas Science
Ms Andrea Tomizawa Medicine
Mr Mark Webb Engineering and IT
Mr Jared Webster Law
Mr Andrew West Senate Fellow
Mr Alexander Wharton Education and Social Work