John McLenaghan B.Ec Syd ('59)

Representing: Alumni nominee (SUGUNA)

John McLenaghan is an economist who commenced his career in economic research at the Reserve Bank of Australia in 1960, served in the mid 60s as the Bank's Economist for Queensland, and returned to a senior position in the Research Department.

In 1970 John took up an assignment with the International Monetary Fund and remained with the IMF for 26 years, occupying a number of positions in IMF economic policy development and research before becoming Director of the IMF Statistics Department, During this period he led IMF missions to more than 30 countries, many of them in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and represented the IMF at international statistical conferences of the United Nations and the International Statistical Institute. In 1996 he was awarded the Adolphe Quetelet Medal by the ISI for contributions to international statistics. He has published a number of papers on economics and statistics.

On leaving the staff of the IMF he served as Senior Advisor in North America of St. George Bank Ltd, as a director of St.George Funding Company in the US, and as a non-executive director of China West International Ltd. in Australia.

John has been a member of the Sydney University Graduates Union of North America since 1993, was chairman of its annual conference in Washington DC in 2003, and is currently a SUGUNA director. He was appointed to the Sydney University Alumni Council in 2006 to represent SUGUNA.