Dr Paul Lancaster MBBS Syd MPH UC Berkley

Dr Paul Lancaster

Representing: Medicine

Dr Paul Lancaster graduated from the University of Sydney and initially trained as a paediatrician, subsequently becoming Staff Paediatrician and Director of Newborn Services at the Royal Hospital for Women. In 1977 he was awarded an NHMRC Fellowship in Applied Health Sciences, studying at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and completing the Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health at the University of California Berkeley. On returning to Sydney in 1979, he was founding director of the National Perinatal Statistics Unit at the University of Sydney. His main research interests have been in reproductive and perinatal epidemiology and birth defects.

In recent years he has presented papers at international meetings in the United Kingdom and other European countries, the United States, Japan, and Egypt and, as President of the Australian Birth Defects Society, he has organized national meetings on the history of reproductive and perinatal research and health care in Australia and New Zealand. He continues as an active member of the International Committee Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology, which he initiated in 1990.

Dr Lancaster's grandfather, father and wife all graduated in medicine from the University of Sydney and his three children are also alumni of the University. Dr Lancaster initiated the Masters course in Health Sciences and Human Genetics at the University of Sydney in 1994 and now has an academic appointment as Honorary Associate Professor with the Menzies Centre of Health Policy at the University's School of Public Health. After organising several reunions of his graduating year, he became a member of the Medical Graduates' Association Council.

Dr Lancaster joined the Alumni Council in 2006 and became the President of the Medical Graduates' Association in 2007.