Copyright notices

These notices are to be displayed when material is communicated and/ or copied or streamed under the following parts & sections of the Copyright Act. The wording of the notices must not be altered.

Part VA

A Part VA Warning Notice must be displayed when electronic copies of TV or radio programs received in Australia are made available online to University staff and students. This applies to podcasts of radio and TV programs.

Part VA label
All analogue copies of TV and radio programs made under Part VA must carry the information set out below. Videocassettes, DVDs and tapes should be labelled as well as their containers.

Preview copies of broadcasts can be kept for 14 days without being labelled while they are assessed for retention.

Get copies of the Part VA label in word doc format or in pdf format

Part VB

A Part VB Warning Notice must be displayed when an electronic copy from a literary, dramatic or musical work is communicated to University staff and students for educational purposes.

This includes any images, diagrams or artistic works incorporated into lecture notes, which can be housed on course web sites, on faculty servers or in WebCT and Blackboard.

Sound recordings provided to assist a student with a print disability must include the following message:

This is a sound recording made on [day on which the recording was made] in reliance on section 135ZP of the Copyright Act 1968. 

Music Licence Notice

Music Licence Notice must be displayed when:

  • a CD or sound recording is copied and distributed to students – place the notice on the CD and its packaging
  • a CD is streamed to students - the notice must appear before the file opens
This recording has been made by the University of Sydney under the express terms of an educational licence between it, ARIA, AMCOS, APRA and PPCA and may only be used as authorised by the University of Sydney pursuant to the terms of that licence.

Music Contents list

Music Contents list must accompany each copied CD or its packaging carry or appear before a student opens an electronic file of music which has been streamed file under the Music Licence.

The following information must be included for each track on the CD or each work streamed:

  1. Title of each musical work
  2. Name of each composer, lyricist and arranger of the musical work
  3. If the recording contains an ARIA sound recording , the artist or group name and the record company label

s200AB notices

Section 200AB can be used to make material available for the following purposes:

  • by students with a disability, or someone acting on their behalf, to make material available in accessible formats
  • by the University, for the purpose of educational instruction
  • by a library or archives, for the purpose of maintaining or operating the library or archives including providing the type of services usually offered by such organisations.

These notices must be displayed on the copies made under this section.


Prescribed notices to be displayed on copying equipment

The Copyright Act provides that if a library or archives displays the prescribed copyright warning notices on or near copying and recording equipment, it will not be held liable for authorising an infringement by clients who use the equipment to infringe copyright simply because it has provided the equipment. Copying and recording equipment includes photocopiers, scanners, computers, printers and audio & video recording equipment, including CD and DVD burners.

While the Act only provides a statutory defence for libraries and archives that display the warning notices, it is recommended that the notices also be displayed in places such as computer laboratories as their presence could raise awareness of copyright responsibilities and may provide some protection against infringements.

General points about notices:

  • they must be of A4 size – the size of the notice cannot be altered
  • they must be on or near each machine and be clearly visible to users
  • the wording of the notice cannot be changed
  • some machines will require two notices – these cannot be combined into one notice
  • Warning Notice A (word doc) should be displayed on or near equipment which can copy audio-visual material such as films, radio and TV broadcasts and sound recordings including downloading from the internet.
    The notices should be attached to DVD players, CD burners, VCRs, tape recorders and players and computer workstations.
  • Warning Notice B (word doc) must be displayed, placed on or near any machine which can be used to make print or electronic copies from books, journals and the internet.

The notices should be attached to photocopiers, workstations, printers, scanners and microform reader-printers.

Note: it will be necessary to display both Warning Notice A and B near equipment such as computer workstations, DVD and CD burners as they can be used to copy both literary works and AV materials.
Machines such as printers, photocopiers and scanners will only require Warning Notice B.

s49 Notice for electronic copying and communication by libraries and archives to users

A s49 Notice must be used when a library supplies a digital copy of published material copied under s 49 of the Copyright Act to users, for example an interlibrary loan or material copied by Special Collections

This notice is prescribed under the Copyright Act & Regulations so the wording must not be altered

The notice must be prominently displayed on each digital copy. It must appear either before or at the same time as the material being communicated appears on the screen

You can right-click on the image of the notice above to save it or copy and paste it into your document

Copyright takedown notice - Reporting copyright infringements & problems

The University of Sydney is committed to upholding the rights of copyright owners. If you believe that copyright material is available on the University of Sydney network in such a way that it constitutes a copyright infringement or a breach of a contract or licence, please notify our Designated Representative using the Copyright Takedown Notice.