Class & exam use

Classroom use

The types of use you can make of third party copyright material in a lecture or class include:

  • copying by hand as much text as you need from a literary or dramatic work onto a blackboard, whiteboard or overhead transparency
  • copying diagrams by hand from a textbook or article
  • reading aloud from a literary or dramatic work
  • performing all or part of a musical or dramatic work
  • screening a purchased or hired DVD
  • playing a music CD or sound recording
  • playing a recording of a radio or TV program received in Australia
  • see "Screening YouTube videos in class" section for details on playing a YouTube clip/video

There are some restrictions that you must observe:

  • the material must be used for educational purposes
  • only Sydney University staff or students should attend the class or lecture
  • you should acknowledge the author and source of the material so you comply with the moral rights clauses of the Copyright Act

Recording lectures

If you record a lecture which contains any third party copyright material you need to follow certain procedures to meet your obligations under the Copyright Act. See the section Recording & streaming lectures for more information.

This is particularly important if you screen purchased or hired DVDs or play CDs or sound recordings in your lectures as the University does not have the right to copy even a small section from these materials.

Creating handouts for classes

Under Part VB and the CAL Agreement you can copy third-party copyright material and distribute it to students in your class provided:

Exam use

You can include as much as you need from a copyright work as part of a question in an exam paper under s200(1)(b) of the Copyright Act. There is no limit on the amount of material that may be used – you can exceed the usual limit of one chapter or 10 % of a work.

Some types of works are excluded from s200(1)(b):

  • extracts from films and sound recordings - the section only applies to literary, dramatic, notated musical and artistic works
  • subsequent copying of exam papers containing third party copyright material is not permitted unless the material is reused as an exam paper by a teacher
  • online exams are not covered by the section. If you need to use excerpts from copyright material in an online exam you will have to rely on the Part VB licence. The amounts you copy must be within the limits set down for copying under Part VB and that the Part VB Warning Notice must be displayed
  • if you wish to include copyright material in an online examination/assessment, or if you intend to make your exam paper available either in hard-copy or electronically as an example of a past exam paper, you will need to do so under the Part VB statutory license and the normal copying limits and other conditions will apply. For more information on copying limits and other conditions, see copying and communication of copyright material for educational purposes.