Statutory Licences and Educational Purposes

Under Parts VA and VB of the Copyright Act (also known as Statutory Licences) and the agreements with the relevant collecting societies, the University can copy and communicate limited amounts of copyright material for educational purposes without prior permission of the copyright owners in return for royalty payments to copyright owners.

  • Part VA and the Screenrights Agreement covers off-air recording and use of TV and radio broadcasts including podcasts.
  • Part VB and the Agreement with the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) covers copying and communication of text and literary works as well as images, diagrams and artworks
  • the Copyright Act does not include provisions for the educational use of recorded music but the University has signed a voluntary agreement, known as the Music Licence with the main music societies in Australia. This permits the copying, streaming and performance of a large range of sound recordings and musical works.
  • Educational purposes do not cover other activities of the University, such as research, marketing and promotion or engagement, for example public lectures.