Copying for offshore students

Course readings can be copied and communicated to off- shore students if they are enrolled students of the University of Sydney and the procedures set out below are followed:

  • all copying and communication (i.e. making material available online) for off-shore students must be carried out in Australia
  • if copying is carried out off-shore, the copyright legislation of that country applies rather than Australian copyright law. Remember it may not be possible to reproduce and communicate the same quantities of material in foreign countries without infringing local copyright legislation
  • course packs or unit of study readers produced for off-shore students in print or on CD-ROM, must be prepared in Australia and forwarded to the country where the students are located for distribution
  • material placed online for off-shore students must be located on the University Library’s server which is located in Australia and accessed means of hyperlinks. If you locate the material on a server in an overseas country you will be operating outside Australian copyright law and may infringe copyright law in the students’ country
  • we do not have the right to make material available under Australian copyright legislation to off-shore students who are not enrolled students of the University of Sydney. You will need to arrange for the students’ home institution to copy the material under its local copyright legislation.