Student notes

These can be produced and distributed to students under Part VB of the Copyright Act and the licence with the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL).

Note the following points:

  • they can be in print or CD format (or any other electronic media format such as a DVD or flash/USB drive etc.)
  • distribution and access must be restricted to University staff and students
  • the limits on copying set down in Part VB must be observed
  • you must acknowledge the author or creator of the work
  • you can recover the costs of producing student notes but the University must not make a profit from the sale
  • there are no special marking requirements for printed student notes but there are marking requirements for notes distributed on CD

What can I include in student notes?

You can include material when:

  • copyright is owned by the University
  • copyright has expired
  • you have the copyright owner’s permission to use their work
  • you have a licence to use the work such as a Creative Commons licence
  • the material is being copied under Part VB

How much copyright material can I include in student notes?

You can include the following:

Published books -
both hard copy & electronic format
1 chapter if the work is divided into chapters or 10 % of the pages;
10% of the words in an electronic document if the work is not paginated.

Remember, there is a limit of one chapter or extract of 10% from a book for each unit of study. If you have already included one chapter from a book in a set of student notes for a unit of study, you cannot include another chapter from the same book in a second student notes for the same unit of study or ask the Library to make another chapter available online via eReadings. This limit is set out in the Copyright Act.

Periodical articles - print & electronic One article from an issue of a periodical; more if they are on the same specific subject.
Some database vendors allow their material to be included in student notes but others do not permit articles to be incorporated in printed student notes (also known as course packs).
Contact the Director of Copyright Services or your Faculty Liaison Librarian for information on database contract conditions. Remember that links to articles can be made via Library's eReadings system or your eLearning site.

Artistic works accompanying text Artistic works such as images, illustrations, maps, photographs, diagrams & graphs can be copied along with the text they illustrate.

Artistic works - stand alone - both print & electronic format Hard copy artworks & images can be reproduced if they have not been separately published.
If they have been separately published & cannot be purchased in a reasonable period of time, they can be reproduced.

Images already in electronic form can be copied without further investigation.

Websites A website is an electronic document, so 10% of the words can be reproduced. However it is difficult to apply this limit to a hierarchy of web pages. Since it is unlikely that you will be able to copy an entire website, it is better to provide the URL to your students so they can access the live site directly.

Producing student notes in CD format (or any other electronic media format)

The limits on copying set out above apply, but there are some additional requirements in relation to marking the CDs before distribution to students.

  1. The cover of the CD must indicate that the material is provided for use by University of Sydney students only.
  2. The Part VB Warning Notice must appear as the first item to be seen every time the CD is opened for use. The wording of the notice must not be altered.