Work and Organisational Studies


Honours in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management (IR&HRM) has two strands: the theory and practice of relations between employers, employees, unions and government; as well as the management of people within an organisation, including recruitment, selection, remuneration, appraisal, and training and development. This is a professional major which includes a work experience program with placements in unions, employer organisations, companies and government.

The honours year

An honours degree in Work and Organisational Studies is not only a prestigious achievement, but it can also be immensely enjoyable and rewarding. The honours year will involve dedicated work, and will often be personally demanding. However the rewards include the opportunity to focus academic attention on one particular topic of interest and to work closely with your supervisor to explore that topic. The program develops skills by building on an existing body of knowledge; develops the ability to critically analyse issues; develops creative solutions to emerging problems; and helps to develop research and writing skills.

Workload and assessment

The Work and Organisational Studies honours program has two components: coursework and a thesis. The coursework component comprises 2 units of study, one of which is undertaken in semester one and the other in semester two. The thesis is a 20,000 word research-based dissertation on a work-related or organisational studies topic in which the student has a strong intellectual interest. The thesis should include an extensive review of the relevant academic literature, a chapter explaining and justifying the research methodology applied, and a number of empirical chapters reporting the study's evidence and findings. Students are encouraged to make contact with academic staff shortly after accepting their offer to begin the process of finding a suitable thesis topic and supervisor. Guidance in identifying a suitable research topic is also provided in the two pre-honours year units.

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