Quantitative Business Analysis


Quantitative Business Analysis introduces students to the quantitative methods they will need in order to thrive in the modern business world. Business Analytics is concerned with using business data to develop new insights and understanding. This involves being able to extract and summarise information from the rich data sets readily available in today's business environment; it involves being able to analyse this data in a way that leads to useful models of both the operations and the environment of a business; and it involves being able to respond appropriately as managers to quantitative information and quantitative models, and as such be able to make better business decisions. As well as being useful in their own right, these skills in business analytics will also enhance the effectiveness in the work place of graduates majoring in other business disciplines. There is a range of electives offered within this major, so that students can select topics in business statistics, in operations management and in decision sciences.

The honours year

The Business Analytics / Quantitative Business Analysis Honours year is a specialist training program including coursework that it is designed to provide graduates with a high level of specialist knowledge in the analytical and research skills required to solve problems in Business Analytics practice and/or to prepare students for further studies in Business Analytics (e.g. PhD). The honours year allows students to develop a wide range of additional skills that are highly prized by employers in industry and government. Honours graduates are recognised as possessing levels of knowledge and skill well beyond those obtained by pass degree graduates.

Workload and assessment

The honours program in Business Analytics / Quantitative Business Analysis requires the completion of coursework units and the development of a thesis.

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