The Accounting major provides capability and credibility across a broad spectrum of careers. It opens the door to many other markets and professions where the ability to understand and interpret financial information is the key capability. You will be provided with the opportunity to develop strong technical, analytical and problem solving skills, while keeping abreast of contemporary issues in accounting practice. A feature of Sydney's program is that it takes an analytical perspective of how accounting is practised and how it should be practised. These and other questions are explored in an atmosphere that encourages a sense of enquiry.

The honours year

The honours program offered by the Discipline of Accounting offers a number of benefits to graduates of three-year accounting programs who wish to make a significant contribution in a future career in accounting, finance or management. Features of the honours program include: an emphasis on problem identification, problem solving and critical thinking; development of analytical, report-writing and presentation skills; close interaction with research staff within the discipline and a limited number of other elite students; the choice to pursue your interest within a semi-structured program.

Workload and assessment

The honours program in Accounting comprises the following units of study BUSS4000, BUSS4001, BUSS4002, BUSS4003 and BUSS4004 and includes the development of a thesis.

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